A New Language for Real Estate

Calling all early birds and night owls! Our App enables M.Residence users to instantly get notified, book viewings and submit offers at whatever time fits their schedule. Viewings can be arranged, offers made, sales negotiated and agreed, day or night… all with a simple click of a button.

Hello Geolocation Alerts

What if a buyer is looking for a property didn’t have to do anything, beyond choosing what features they wanted like bedrooms, price, bathrooms, location and save the criteria?

Imagine as you walk in your favourite neighbourhood looking for your perfect 2 bedroom flat, you receive a push notification for a property that matches your criteria meters away from your location! Then with a tap of a button you request an instant viewing from an uber style agent, track his position, rate your experience and hopefully make an instant offer!

Welcome to the Future of Real Estate!
Experience a new era of on demand viewings in uber style.

Consumers just provide their preferred criteria. Once the property goes on the market, and the geo-fences have been set up, notifications would go to those “Users” who are interested in that type of property in that specific area.

What is M.Residence Now App?

Instant Real Estate Viewings in Uber Style

The first ever on-demand location intelligence app, that alerts you about nearby properties that matches your criteria and connects you with an uber like agent, when you physically enter the property’s location area.

An app that is truly real time and GPS driven working with Geolocation, making our agents On Demand and in Uber style.

Simply set up your criteria to get real time push notifications for nearby properties when your physically in that area and request an uber like agent with a click of a button.

Say Goodbye to “For Sale” signs, emails, calls and newspapers!

Hello Instant Viewings

Remember Pokemon Go? Today is M.Residence Now

Book properties on Demand to view them instantly, anywhere, anytime you want and meet either at the property or benefit from a pick-up service from an uber like agent. 

Any Home. Any Time. Instantly.

Hello Uber experience

Hail An Agent Like Uber

With a click of a button request a qualified agent in real time, to show you a property and track your agent’s location, so never wait for a scheduled viewing again.

“I am on my way to pick you up!”

“Your Agent Arrives in 2 Minutes”

We’re connecting buyers and sellers through our uber style app in order to speed up and streamline the real estate process and make it seamless and more intelligent.


Fall in love?
Make an instant offer from the App.
Middle of the day?
Middle of the night?
Goodbye office hours.

Secure your dream home faster, act quicker and get the deal done first. 

All from the comfort of your home, day or night.
To Know who you talk with. Instant Offers!

Hello Rating

Let’s raise the bar and increase the credibility in a fragmented industry.

You can rate and review your experience, after your viewing appointment in order to increase the industry’s credibility.


A new language in Real Estate, a new iMarketplace of iBuyers, iRenters, iSellers.

Committed to our mission, we are dedicated to change the way people buy and sell real estate and make it more digital, more transparent and on demand.

Book Viewings, Make Offers and agree on sales 24/7.